Tuesday, June 10, 2008


“A fountain of water springing up to everlasting life” -
That’s what You promised the Samaritan woman
If she would believe on You.
And then:
“Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water”
You spoke of the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit
In those who would believe.

How I’ve experienced that to be true,
Since I invited You to come dwell in me!

Your presence is life-giving water.
How often have I wilted under the pressures of life
And then come and taken in Your word and communed with You,
And – like a wilted plant that has finally been watered –
I stood up straight and strong again.

The water of Your presence
Causes new leaves and blossoms to spring forth.
Wisdom that was not there before,
Perfect words coming out of my mouth, unpremeditated, hitting the mark,
Skill, confidence, boldness…
I don’t know myself –
It isn’t myself.
You are flowing out of me.

And when You are flowing out,
Everything around me is cleansed and healed.
Hostile people show good will to each other.
Peace settles in on gatherings where there was confusion and lawlessness.
Foolish, immature individuals begin behaving out of a sound mind.
It’s uncanny.
The invisible river has flooded the place –
With highly visible effects.

Your water transforms my inner landscape.
Tenderness for You,
A forgiving heart,
Caring more about others than myself,
Patient, peaceful waiting –
Qualities I cannot achieve on my own.
The harder I try, the harder the ground of my heart becomes,
But lingering in Your presence changes all that.
The water softens my heart,
And then the fruit of Your Spirit just happens.

The less of me there is,
And the more fully I entertain You,
The more the water of Your presence refreshes me –
Makes me free, light-hearted, even giddy with joy.
It makes it easier to fly!
“Lay aside every weight,” Paul said.
“It’ll help you run the race,” he said.
Oh, yes!

So help me to keep a clean heart
And a mind stayed on You –
A temple for Your presence,
Because without Your presence, I am not willing to live.

With slight alterations, this is a psalm I wrote four years ago for a class on "Foundations of Prayer," taught by Carol Boyd at Midwest Bible School. The kind of living described here was something I experienced occasionally, but missed terribly the rest of the time. He is removing the impediments . . .

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