Friday, August 15, 2008

Point of view

Here's a just-for-fun treasure:

I had stopped at the home of a fellow committee member to exchange materials for the church nursery. After taking care of our business, I exchanged a few words with her articulate 3-year-old daughter Allison. After warming up to me, she stood up tall and asked if I would like to see her bedroom. “Sure!” I replied.

So up the stairs we climbed. We spent several minutes in her room, as she pointed out her furniture, her pretty things, and her toys. Next was her brother’s room, where she gave me a somewhat briefer introduction. Then we stopped at the door of the master bedroom.

“My parents share a room,” she announced in her best tour-guide manner.

“That’s why,” she continued, flinging her arm in the direction of the bed, “there are two pillows.”

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